Thursday, 28 June 2007

Unprecedented Access to Modern Musings

Mahud, author of Mythology Blog: Between Old and New Moons as well as N.F.C. author of Not Fearing Change have tagged me with the immortal meme 8 Random Facts. I have responded to Barbara here and stole it when it was 10 Random things from Sling here. I responded to Sanni and Mo but they were sucked into the death portal of cyber space.

Now 16 Newly revealed random sneak peeks into my psyche may be all you can think about ;}. But I am altering the meme and adding an unprecedented all access pass to Modern Musings readers and my Sweets {You know who you are, with positions waiting to be filled;}

I will answer the first 16 questions asked of me, on any topic, I'll post my responses and of course share the link love to the inquisitor. Leave your question here or email me. One question per person.

Now for the alteration...

16 Random Facts of Modern Musings

1. Modern Musings has been visited 7468 times 957 times by myself.
2. 1,497 visitors arrived from Google.
3. The Top keyword used to arrive here is "In the year 2525"
4. Over 159 of you have returned 2273 times.
5. Kwiz has brought 88 visitors, Johnny Yen has brought 79, Sling has brought 62, Monica has brought 56, Barbara has brought 51, Natalie has brought 38, Morgen has brought 31 and Seev has brought 31 visitors.
6. 5599 visits from the United States, 343 Canada, 324 United Kingdom, 123 India, 119 Germany, and 103 visitors from Australia.
7. 623 visitors from California, 412 from Illinois of which 243 of you from Chicago.
8. Modern Musings has been visited 23 times from a .mil domain.
9. Modern Musings has been visited 61 times from a .gov domain.
10. Modern Musings Technorati Authority is 221 with 332 blog reactions and 20 fans with a Rank of 21,994
11. MyBlogLog Community site serves 96 Modern Musing members
12. A Google search of taureandevi brings up 9530 results, yeah all me.
13. A Google search of Modern Musings brings up 2,060,000 results with 8 references to my blog on the first page of 10 results.
14. There have been 317 posts to enjoy starting from November 22, 2006.
15. I have gained so much starting this venture and I am truly supported by all those who take the time to comment, vote, spread my words and show me my work is appreciated. Thank you.
16. I haven't earned any money in the last 6 years. I have had to take out student loans on top of Federal Financial Aid in order to raise my family by being present, and obtain my college diploma. It would be a true boon to be monetarily supported by following my bliss. Can you help? There is no registering, no signing up to be able to vote and you can vote once per day.

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